Hardwood Installation Services

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Before Installing Your Hardwood

Prior to installation, please assure that the following tasks have been completed:

  • Remove all furniture and furnishings off your existing floors.
  • Remove all doors that are in the area where the flooring may impact their movement. A carpenter may need to shave the bottom of a door if there is a possibility that it may not clear the height of your new hardwood.
  • If you wish to have hardwood installed underneath fixtures such as radiators, railings, etc. instead of around them, have them removed prior to installation.
  • Move all wiring for electronics, utilities, etc. before installation.
  • If you are installing hardwood in any closets, make sure nothing is on the floor within.
  • Ensure that your installers have proper lighting and access to electrical outlets.

During & After Installation

  • Plan to vacate the area where new flooring is being installed and secure any pets.
  • Prepare to stay off your new flooring for several hours to allow it to settle.
  • You may need to run a fan or open windows to remove any smells associated with installation.

Then you will be ready to enjoy your new hardwood floors!

Hardwood Installation | Sarmazian Brothers Flooring